10 Adorable Books exotic boy names Perfect For Baby Shower Gifting

Even though they are a pricey investment, you can be sure that your child will get plenty of play from this purchase. To take the best care of your child’s doll, follow the care instructions or send them off to American Girl’s doll hospital for bigger repairs. The best baby dolls for toddlers introduce more realistic features and interaction while still being easy to carry and clean. The Adora PlayTime Baby Doll can open and close its eyes and suck its thumb. The weighted bottom allows your child to position the baby doll in a seated position or carry it tucked under their arm.

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  • Now as a published author, Ann is happy to share another way to help families learn and grow.
  • It’s also fine if your baby is mostly interested in grabbing the book, chewing the pages, or dropping it.
  • He is on a hunt for a good hug, and readers will love following along as he spreads the love.
  • Ever heard of a mistake that went on to become a wonder of the world?

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Infant & Toddler

Little ones will love this colourful exotic boy names board book with sliders to pull, tabs to push and a gentle rhyming text to enjoy together. You can read this book aloud to your kids, as it is explained in a story format. As you read, your child can see the images to understand better. The fun facts included in the book make it all the more interesting for kids. Covering the life of a robot named Roz, this book discusses topics such as life and death and artificial intelligence through illustrations and quirky scenarios.

Watch How To Build A Board Book

Please pick one (or two!) up soon–or choose books from previous Best Books for Babies lists–and share them with a baby in your life. In addition to spending some cozy time together you’ll be preparing baby’s brain to learn and grow. Lean into toddlerhood with this sensory board book that encourages playful interaction. With prompts like, “feel the snail’s smooth shell,” “touch your fingers to the raindrops,” and “tap the drums,” your little one will never grow bored. See, Touch, Feel is chock-full of colorful pictures that will make any baby giddy with excitement and eager to learn.

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Your first child is proof of your abundant love, and may you continue to delight in your children as your precious family grows. A baby shower for a second child is just as important as the first — a meaningful card is still appreciated. For the second child, it’s always a hit to include some humor. The mother-to-be is at the center of attention during the baby shower. Including a meaningful or funny card along with your gift is surely a winner. However, if you don’t know the parents well, avoid this category.

This book makes incorporating body and sex talk with your kids a more everyday thing. It’ll totally take the pressure off when your kids hit puberty and hormones make everything more complicated. This book gives simple, straightforward, judgment-free advice about everything from pumping to plugged ducts in a fun-to-read style accessible to most.

Julián is a Mermaid is another excellent children’s book about gender identity. The illustrations really set this book apart, and the story about Julián, a little boy who loves mermaids, focuses on self-expression and acceptance. No matter what your race, religion, or background you are welcome at school.