Somerset Homes provide Basic General Services amongst others;

  • Bedrooms for ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals,
  • Three nutritious meals a day and between meals, nutritious snacks (special diets, if doctor prescribed),
  • Laundry services,
  • Cleaning of all individual rooms or assistance in cleaning their rooms,
  • Comfortable and suitable bed including fresh linen weekly or if required more often.
  • Transportation to/from medical and dental appointments will be provided and/or arranged.
  • Planned activities arranged including utilizing available community resources.
  • Notification to family and/or other appropriate representative of individual resident needs.
  • Recognition and awareness of risk, emergency and safety

Also, Somerset Homes provide Basic Personal Services, amongst others;

  • Care and supervision in addition to continuous observation, as required.
  • Assistance with bathing and personal needs, as required.
  • Assistance in meeting medical, vision and dental needs.
  • Assistance with prescribed medications with doctor’s instructions unless prohibited by law or regulations, as needed.
  • Bedside care for minor temporary illnesses.
  • Maintenance or supervision of consumer cash resources or property.

In addition Somerset Homes will assist and/or supervise all consumers with their daily living skills, and implement learning for the consumers to achieve these skills independently. The learning skills will also include decision and choice-making skills implemented into the consumer everyday living.

Community integration is also designated as one of our purposes and resource to achieve our major goals for our consumers. We make every effort to make sure that the consumers we serve have frequent opportunities to do things outside of the home. To meet their neighbors, to go see movies, bowling, visit and shop at different malls in Orange County, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, county fair, sporting events, whale watching, spending time at recreational parks, community dances, Medieval Times and other related areas of interests to our consumers.

Our consumers participate in leisure group activities in the homes. It can be from playing cards, board games, bingo, puzzles and the likes.

Regular group meeting in each home is conducted so everyone is able to voice their opinions and any suggestions for their best interest. Consumers take turns in suggesting the week end activities.